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Yoga Studio GAnesha

Kate AdamianKate Adamian
(415) 238-2900 email
Kate's Yoga for Kids introduces yoga to 3-5 year olds. She incorporates movement, breath, stories, songs and fun! Please contact her directly to register for her next series. (8 week series is $80)

Ann AustinAnn Austin
(707) 695-3989 email
Ann has been dedicated to the practice of yoga for 20 years. Inspired by the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system, she creates a safe yet challenging class for students to move beyond what they think is possible.

Ann includes Yoga Sutra chanting as a way of connecting to the past and bringing this ancient wisdom to her students

Devorah BlumDevorah Blum
(707) 824-1198 email
Devorah is mainly influenced by the Iyengar tradition. In her fun, gentle class, she teaches healthy ways to stretch, strengthen and balance in the poses. Her soothing voice and use of restorative yoga helps students to finish class deeply relaxed.

Devorah's prenatal/mom and baby classes are for pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy and new moms with their babies and toddlers. An assistant is usually there to help with the little ones when needed. 

Devorah also offers private lessons by request.

Joanna Cedar
(707) 953-5829 email
Joanna is a long time student of Ann Austin. She will be leading the Ashtanga Yoga primary series while Ann is away in April. Joanna's donation-based class is challenging and energizing. It begins with sun salutations and standing poses, moves into twists, hip openers and forward folds and concludes with backbends and inversions.

Tara Garland
(707) 228-3114 email
Tara combines classical yoga poses to create well balanced routines. She offers modifications as needed, encouraging her students to express each pose without self-judgment. She also offers private yoga sessions, wellness consultations, and AromaTouch treatments.

Christine Gibson
(707) 827-3371
Christine opens sacred space in the studio for silent meditation for experienced meditators of any tradition seeking to deepen their meditation experience. Trained in the Kriya Yoga tradition, she also offers private sessions for beginners. Class is by donation.

Camina Gillotti
(707) 696-7425 email
Camina will be leading a Yoga Nidra 6-Week Series. Yoga Nidra, also known as "yogic sleep" is a state of consciousness that can be achieved through relaxation techniques, visualizations, and body-awareness meditations. The experience is similar to an extended savasana. The practice is done lying down with the eyes closed. The classes begin with gentle stretching and end with a short seated meditation. Camina Gillotti is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and yoga teacher.

Elizabeth RakestrawElizabeth Rakestraw
(707) 537-5746 email
Elizabeth teaches gentle yoga for women. She combines breath and movement to teach poses for flexibility and core strength. Class ends with restorative poses for deep relaxation.

Elizabeth is also available for private lessons upon request.

Sarah Watkins
(415) 218-4715
In this playful class, Sarah guides children ages 6 to 9 through a creative yoga experience, combining yoga poses with stories and music. She also explores breathing and relaxation techniques.

Non-competitive and fun, kids work on developing strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and self-confidence. Please contact her directly to register. (6 week series is $90)

138 Weeks Way Sebastopol, CA • 707.824.1198 • devorah@yogastudioganesha.com